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Elfik Website

Entire design, coding & Wordpress theme developement


Coup de coeur of mine, Claudia's work needed to be seen by the world. Elfik is a Brand of clothing which concept was born in 2005. Claudia (Elfik's Mom) creates Unique and custom made "baggy" pants. She draws, mesures, cuts and sews the pants herself making them unique and special. Everything is hand-made from head to toe, A to Z. Such a extraordinary universe needed an extraordinary website. Everything had to be done, from sorting all her work, the photo shooting, the photo editing, the design, and so on. This site had to be responsive, and its back office had to be clean and understandable for her to post all her work.


The website was nonexistent. Therefore, I placed several constraints and difficulties in order to make this new website very different from what I usually see. The design has to represent her work/world. Somehow, clients need to know how she works, need to know more about her original ideas, they need to know how life is for a fashion designer. She neede to post 2 things: News and new pants. And for every pants, the fabrics she uses has to be shown.

I made it!

There it is. The design is colorful. Her story is there to be read. The website can be stretched for large displays and fits in the palm of a hand. Every social network links are there so everything she posts from one social network to another can be read. when she posts a news or a new pants, she can tweet about it, Facebook automatically shares the link too. Once more it gave me a hard time but it's all worth when she saw the result. Enjoy


Canon EOS 5F Mark II / EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II / Photoshop / Lightroom / HTML 5 / CSS3 /Javascript / jQuery / PHP / Wordpress

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