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This work was an assignment given during my web designer training

Gad Elmaleh Website

Entire design, coding & Wordpress theme developement


For this exercise that seemed very long, I had to imagine the website for Gad Elmaleh, one of the most famous comedian in France. First I had to imagine the design, then propose it to my trainer, and once he accepted the design, I had to start coding the site. And finally, I had to make it dynamic using a back office dashboard. The client must be able to easily find his way with Wordpress and be able to post NEWS, VIDEOS, as well as new dates for his SHOW. And there would also be a contact form to get in touch with him...


The advantage of having a virtual client, is that there was no real restriction, plus his website is nonexistent. Therefore, I placed several constraints and difficulties in order to make this new website very different from what I usually do. A homepage with 100% width and 100% height, with sections that adapt instantly to the resize the browser window. As for the back office part, all the ingredients for sharing news, show dates, and other media is clean, comprehensible and complete. Links to Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo are perfectly integrated into the pages content. As for learning theme developement, fortunately, the Wordpress community and Codex is very large, and all my questions where already asked and answered.

I made it!

The site works, it is online, and once again it gave me a hard time. Which makes my experience in the web design world even more exciting. I realized during this assignement, that creating a blog application, doesn't require just a good knowledge of design and integration, but also a different methodology when it comes to logic and web architecture.


HTML 5 / CSS3 /Javascript / jQuery / PHP / Wordpress

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