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Studio Vibes official website

Entire concept, design & coding


Studio Vibes is one of the biggest Hip-Hop dance school in Belgium. Each year it is home to more than 500 students and it has a real impact on the world of dance. Here I had to highlight everything: activities, dance workshops, guests, trips abroad, dance classes and the many teachers.


Essentially, I wanted to implement what I learned in training. HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery were my strengths. In terms of design I was quite free. I just had to keep the black and red shades, typical of Studio Vibes.

I made it!

The website campaign was done through Facebook and Twitter, which now has more than 2,000 fans. The website reached everyone who needed information about the Studio Vibes' new season launch. It even reached overseas when it came to dancers looking up for information about workshops. The website is light, clear, and effective. People spend most of their time visiting the schedule, price list, and workshop pages. I'm glad I could apply what I had learned at that point. The next step would be making it Wordpress dynamic for my client.


Photoshop / HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery

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