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This work was an assignment given during my web designer training

UGC homepage

Concept of a website homepage. Its design, slicing & coding


During the integration module of my webdesign training, I received as project assignment the redesign and coding (in XHTML & CSS 2.0) of UGC cinemas' website.


My idea was to keep the main colors of the site (red and blue), and using basic shapes, such as squares and rectangles, to achieve maximum clarity while keeping in mind the need to emphasize on the popular movies. I relied heavily on the hover effect for the reading of movie summaries. I even made it responsive.

I made it!

This assignement was a good exercise to work around difficulties such as respecting the visual identity of UGC. And as I had enough time to finish this project, I even applied some basic responsive rules.


Photoshop / HTML / CSS3

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